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Each candidate must: 

  1. Be a current Student at Rusea’s High School
  2. Have sat the  the CXC and/or GCE O’Level/CAPE examinations in the given school year and have been accepted in a tertiary institution
  3. Complete the online application form
  4. Attend an Interview
  5. Submit an essay on “Why I Chose STEM and why I should be the recipient of the Scholarship” (500-750 Words)


  1. Applicants who have maintained an exemplary academic record and also play an active role in the development of her school community will have a significant advantage.
  2. There will be one (1) awardee selected who is pursuing studies in the applied Sciences. A total of US $3000 will be awarded each year for this student for a maximum of four (4) years, or to the completion of the program whichever is shorter.

Upon Completion:

  • Be required to work within a CARICOM member state for a period of 2 years or complete equivalent of 4 projects geared towards the enhancement of humanitarian aid through application of stem technologies
  • Be required to be affiliated with a ROSA chapter for at least one year and volunteer with that chapter

Scholarship Benefits: 

  • Travel  opportunities throughout the Caribbean to understudy or participate in events or projects
  • Network with professionals 
  •  Opportunity to build your portfolio 
  • Work on projects (GIS, Robotics, etc.)
  • Short courses from internationally recognized institutions/organizations 

Placement Opportunities:

  • Other Skill Building Opportunities: Workshops, presenting opportunities, and more
  • Additionally, we ask that each recipient participate in a peer mentoring network to support future scholarship recipients.

Keep checking here for updates as Rusea's Old Students Association Florida Chapter in partnership with Valrie Grant of Geo TechVision presents the GIRLS IN STEM SCHOLARSHIP. Designed to help girls pursue an undergraduate degree in an Applied Science Program.
This year a student will be selected from Rusea's High School.
Your generous help and support will be greatly appreciated.
Donations can be sent via Zelle or use Pay Pal Donate Button


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Our preferred method is to fill out our online form and submit it. If for some reason a paper form is required, a downloadable application form is available. Fill out form, scan and return along with requested documents to email:  

What is STEM?
STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.