As current president of Ruseas' Old Students Association Florida  (ROSA FL.) I want to convey what a pleasure and honor it gives me to serve. I want to thank all the members of my administration, and also congratulate them on the results of their hard work and dedication. Whatever we have accomplished so far is only because of their hard work and selfless service. 

  At this time I am putting out a clarion call to all Ruseans, friends, family, and anyone who can find it in their hearts and sees the need to assist in the education and wellbeing of the young students who are now sitting in some of the very chairs we sat in, with the some of the same uncertainties and needs that some of us had. Most of us through our efforts and the guidance and the opportunity provided by those before us have been able to become successful leaders. So, I am asking that if you are looking for a way to pay it forward, we are extending an invitation for you to join us, become a member of one of the ROSA chapters. 
   Let me say this, no contribution is too small, even moral support gives us encouragement and helps us to continue trying to make a difference in a child's life. There is much work to be done so we need all hands on deck.
  I look forward to a very productive tenure as president, and I know that the support that we envision will materialize because of all the wonderful individuals who are out there, and who wants to help to make a difference.  

Mr. Collin Rigg, President

Mission + Vision

Rusea's High School

240th Anniversary 1777-2017
​Our school is a legacy from a French refugee by the name of Martin Rusea. He and his brother John were on a ship destined for a French West indian island when Martin became ill so both were put ashore in Hanover. Along came some missionaries who nursed him back to health. He decided to stay and became prosperous.
Although he was never married, he received much love from the people of the parish. So in a supreme gesture of generosity, in return for their love, he bequeathed his wealth, all of 4,500 pounds to the people of the parish for the establishment of a free school in Hanover. His family contested the will of 23 July 1764 but his wishes prevailed.
Rusea's High is the 5th oldest high school in Jamaica. Starting out with 17 students, now 240 years on, enrollment is over 2,000 students. Martin Rusea;s gift provides the platform for over 200,000 graduates who have excelled in all walks of life. We need your support in kind and money to keep Rusea's tradition of excellence alive for years to come.  
..​our motto, "labor omnia vincit", says it well as we encourage you to get involved.          

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As we define our Mission Statement we do encourage all former students of Rusea High School, and supporters from Lucea, Hanover, primarily in South Florida to get involved.  Ensuring Rusea High, continuation of its record for strong, proud accomplishments in Academics and Sports. Producing many of Jamaica's top leaders for over 230 years.

"It’s amazing what we can do when we come together".


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